Anna Loughnan

Leader: Wellington Community Group | Salesforce MVP
Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Anna has been involved in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2008. She has worked as a CRM analyst and manager as well as an administrator, and was headhunted in mid 2018 to join a new tech startup in the role of Customer Success Manager (Salesforce).
Anna has been actively involved in the Wellington and New Zealand Trailblazer communities for the past few years, and took over active leadership of the Wellington community group in 2016. She has worked hard to provide relevant content, and meeting attendance and community engagement have grown significantly. She is mentoring new volunteers in other New Zealand cities to assist them with setting up successful Trailblazer Community groups.
In April 2018, Anna established a monthly drop-in Trailhead Tuesday low-key session which provides support, mentorship, career advice, Lightning Experience conversion support (…and the occasional badge!)
Anna is a 4-star Trailhead ranger, having completed over 400 badges (including 7 super badges), and she is currently 4x Salesforce certified, holding Admin, Advanced Admin, Sales and Service Cloud Consultant certifications. Anna is now working towards Application Architect certification.
In February 2019 Anna was named as a Salesforce Lightning Champion, she is working actively to assist the Ohana with migrating to LEX and in April Anna was named as a Salesforce MVP, in recognition of her contribution to the Salesforce Ohana.
Anna has spoken / presented at a number of Salesforce events internationally, including Dreamforce, Sydney World Tour, Auckland Basecamp.
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