Sunday, 19th June – save the date for YeurLeadin 2022!

Here’s the update: Thanks to everyone that responded to last month’s poll. It was a closely fought battle, but with 31 responses, 19th June came out just ahead.

We’re now investigating hosting options in Amsterdam and expecting a crowd of around 20-30 people. We’re making good progress on this front, but you know of any suitable venues, that are able to assist, do let us know!

Our theme will be Rebooting Our Communities. We are hoping to have a professional community expect and facilitator in to join us, but only if we get sponsorship.

So, no guarantees yet, but 🤞🏻 we’ll be back on 19th June, for a exciting, facilited, fun half day event. We’ll keep you posted!

p.s. And if you’re wondering what’s happening on the Saturday, we gather there are still a more few YeurDreamin tickets remaining, but we can’t guarantee for how long!.

Ines Garcia, Justyna Krajewska, Paul Ginsberg and Sarah Metcalfe 
Your YeurLeadin Team