Sarah Metcalfe

Co-leader: Cambridge User Group | InspireEast | YeurLeadin
Sarah has been working with Salesforce since 2010. After a few years of tinkering she took over as accidental Admin and the rest is “history”. She co-leads the Cambridge User Group, co-founded the InspireEast community-led event in Cambridge and is delighted to join in the YeurLeadin’ organisers this year. She is currently leading a transformational SF project to move to a new org. after Salesforce became her legacy system.
Sarah has been speaking both as a Salesforce evangelist (to anyone who will listen) and at Salesforce events from UK roadshows, World Tour (London), InspireEast and at various customer service and experience events around the world.
Originally from British Columbia, Canada, Sarah lives in Cambridge, U.K. with her husband, 3 children, dog and two cats.
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