These FAQs are mainly related to our YeurLeadin 23 event.

I’m not sure if I qualify to attend

We’re quite opened minded regarding the criteria, but if you don’t sure drop us a line and we’ll let you know.

What’s the dresscode?

Beyond potentially climbing some stairs, no physical exertion is expected so wear whatever you feel is comfortable.

Is there space for bags?

Yes, but it will be at your own risk.

Will I be fed?

A light lunch is included in the ticket price, as is hydration throughout the day.

Can I reclaim travel or accommodation?

Not from us, sorry 🙁

Are you looking for speakers?

On this occasion we’re all participating – in a way that, of course, ensures everyone feels comfortable.

How can I help make this event a success?

Our reach only goes so far. Can you please let your fellow community advocates know, so as many people can participate as possible! We’re also up for future sponsors if you know any organisations that might be interested but that is less of a priority.

Do you have any accommodation recommendations?

Airbnb is a popular way of finding affordable accommodation and we’re just 35 minutes walk away from the YeurDreamin’s EGG. They recommend these four venues.

What’s the connection with YeurDreamin’?

This is an entirely seperate event from YeurDreamin‘, although we have similar philosophies and tend to happen alongside each other. Both events require their own tickets and attending one does not mean that you need to attend the other. YeurDreamin focuses on Salesforce skills; YeurLeadin focuses on community leadership skills within the Salesforce ecosystem.

How else can I join in the conversation?

We’re on Twitter and if you’re attending, why not join our Slack (now recommending Ohana Slack) to start the discussion in advance!

Who’s organising this event?

Our organising committee can be found here.

In legal terms, YeurLeadin 23 is being run by Naturally IQ, who are not charging any fees for their time or internal costs. If you’re really curious, the main reason for this structure was to avoid the setup costs associated with creating a new company for a small(ish) annual event.

What’s your Privacy Policy?

Please see here for all the details.