These FAQs are mainly related to the YeurLeadin’ 20 event.

I’m not sure if I qualify to attend

Drop us a line and we’ll let you know.

Is it ok to attend 20th June, but not the 21st June? (and vice versa)

Yes, totally! Choose what works for you.

Why is there a charge for 21st June?

Put simply, it turns out that even Salesforce haven’t discovered a bottomless well of money, so we have to cover our own costs. We decided to prioritise 20th June and concentrate on how to improve the Ohana activities we participate within, as that’s why we’re leaders. 21st June is priced to cover the catering and venue charges.

But – with your support – if we find enough sponsors, then maybe we can do something about the price tag for 21st June!

If the ticket price is a barrier to participating on 21st June, let us know by using the Contact Us form or reach out to any of us organisers, and we’ll see what we can do (literally that, no guarantees, but we’ll do our best).

What’s the location?

At this stage we are not confirming which of these two venues it will be, as it depends on the final level of sponsorship we get. We hope you don’t mind the lack of detail and we’ll be in touch nearer the date, with the details for all our ticket buyers.

– Venue option 1: The Valley, Isaäc Asscherpad 11, 1096 BJ Amsterdam (capacity up to 85 people, and just 2 minutes walk from the YeurDreamin venue)
– Venue option 2: Lloyd Hotel, Oostelijke Handelskade 34, 1019 BN Amsterdam (capacity up to 125 people, and just 30 minutes/€4 by public transport / 12 mins by taxi from the YeurDreamin’ venue; and just as near the city centre!)

Can you recommend any hotels?

Lloyd Hotel may be a savvy choice (and YeurLeadin’ attendees will get a special discount code when you sign up); but the YeurDreamin’ FAQ has a number of other options.

How else can I join in the conversation?

We’re active on Twitter and if you’re attending, why not join our Slack to join the discussion in advance!

I want to volunteer!

At the moment we’re fine for volunteers, this year. One thing we are after is sponsors – would your employer be interested?

Who’s organising this event?

Our organising committee can be found here.

In legal terms, YeurLeadin’ 20 is being run by Naturally IQ Ltd, who are not charging any fees for their time or internal costs. Ticket sales are being handled by Cloud Integrate BV as it turns out we need to charge VAT, so they agreed to help process that element at no charge to us. If you’re really curious, the main reason for this structure was to avoid the setup costs associated with creating a new company for a small annual event.

What’s your Privacy Policy?

Please see here for all the details.