Community Groups, Champions, MVPs and Dreamin’ teams run activities across Europe (and the world), helping grow the ecosystem. We promote best practice, product knowledge and, of course, the many partners who are available to help out with business challenges.

However, we do this as volunteers, in addition to our day work. On a good day, our formal training is in IT or business process mapping. Rarely are we given guidance on running events, evaluating presentations and growing our communities. But of course we do it anyway 🙂

We were wondering if you could help us? We (these volunteers) are coming together for YeurLeadin’ 2021. YeurLeadin’ was founded in 2019 and trained 73 Community Group Leaders (or those on that pathway) on all the above, and more. This has led to a strengthening of existing groups, more opportunities and an expansion of the community network.

Would you sponsor €295 to make YeurLeadin’ 21 happen

Gold Sponsorship @ €2500 | Silver Sponsorship @ €1500 | Bronze Sponsorship @ €500 | Contribution to the Salesforce Community = Priceless

If you’re up for it, simply fill in your details in the registration form below (when it reopens!) or contact us for bank account info.

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Otherwise drop us a line using the form (below) or, if you want more information, please see our PDF/slidedeck which has more details about what 2019 achieved and our exciting plans for this year.

p.s. Sponsorship does not grant entrance to our event, just some publicity and our undying gratitude. Please see the slidedeck for more information.

Text reads: Supporting the ecosytem grow | An unforgettable experience, with key sponsors clearly highlighted | Funding training sessions | With attendees from Europe and beyond, fostering connections | Community Group Leaders, MVPs, Product Champions, Salesforce Saturday Leaders and more! (with various pictures from the 2019 event)