NEW SESSION! YeurLeadin: We’re Leadin with Happiness

Happiness is more important than ever. It helps create resilient, supported, productive and present Trailblazers.

Two parts. 1 hour. 2pm GMT / 3pm CET on Thursday, 21st January. A late lunch break or perhaps even dinner? (depending on your time zone). A time to chill, learn a bit and have a distraction, perhaps to let your brain background process on today’s chores as you chat with friends.


Positive emotions are not just nice to have, they unlock our potential to dream, explore, learn and play.

Sarah Metcalfe (Cambridge, UK Admin Group Leader and Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Coffee Consulting) will share her top actionable tips on how we can creative the right environment in our community, benefitting ourselves and our members in the process.

For the other half, the record button will be switched to off and we’ll have a space to chat, catch up and hear about what other Community Leaders are thinking.

RSVP now to ensure your place, and get an email reminder with the Zoom link 2 hours beforehand.


YeurLeadin shares best practice and inspiration for Salesforce Community Leaders. Whether you’re on the organising team of a Community Group, Salesforce Saturday, Community Conference, or a Product Champion; or you’re otherwise deeply involved in the community, the aim is that we can all learn from each other.

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