Covid & User Groups – Counting the Impact

How’s your pandemic going? Judging by my conversations with European Community Group Leaders, not so great; or at least it’s causing a recalibration of priorities. In this piece I’m thinking out loud. Maybe you agree, maybe you disagree; both are fine, this is just my perspective. If you fancy discussing, then why not come along […]

18th November: Autumnal Gathering – reservations now open!

In the Autumn, trees typically start to spread their seeds, which lay dormant on the ground throughout winter and start budding around spring. What’s happening in your neck of the woods? Event: YeurLeadin Autumnal Catch Up Date: Thursday, 18th November Time: 07:00 EST / 12:00 GMT / 13:00 CET / 17:30 IST Location: Online Available on YouTube afterwards: No […]

90 second request & next YeurLeadin date!

Do you have 90 seconds? (that’s including the time it takes to read this message!) As a bonus you get to use the new/revamped IdeaExchange. As Group Leaders (virtual, in personal, informal) we tend to use the #TrailblazerCommunity more than most. But it’s a pain to engage with our audience. How about improving the Messaging […]

Summer BBQ – the write up & exclusive offer(!)

So, the plan was to spend the time socialising last Thursday. You know, the now-ususal round of going to one person at a time on Zoom, and asking each other how they are. Nice but not exactly dynamic. This is what happened instead: There was some boggieing along to the dance track. Various people were […]

15th July: Our Summer BBQ – reservations now open!

It’s a pure summer social… with a dash of the fun fair added! Date: Thursday, 15th July Time: 07:00 EDT / 13:00 BST / 14:00 CEST / 17:30 IST Location: Online Do you want to press random buttons (that you probably shouldn’t) and to see what happens? Well, come to hang out with your fellow […]

We visited Japan! (video)

In Japan, the Salesforce Community Groups, Salesforce Saturdays and other activities are all co-coordinated to build on from what each other is doing. Shun Kosaka, along with some friends from the Japan community, took us on a whirlwind tour, explaining how the Japanese community get things done and the tooling they use to help them […]

Back to Japan: All the Trailblazer Community together

The YeurLeadin team is back with another new session! A time to chill, learn a bit and have a distraction, perhaps to let your brain background process on today’s chores as you chat with friends old and new. Two parts. 1 hour. 13:00 GMT / 14:00 CET, Thursday, 18th March. A lunch break or perhaps even […]