YeurLeadin 2023: Unpeeling the Onion

By exploring each layer, we’ll gain insights and tools to help us create a more regenerative, sustainable and distributive way of leading. And we’ll do it all in a casual and inclusive environment, with inspiring and hands-on spaces.

YeurLeadin 2023 – First Details Announced!

In 2019 we got rave reviews. To the question: would you attend another event like this in Europe, were one to be scheduled? This is how we did: We’re here to share best practice and inspiration for Salesforce Community Leaders. Whether you’re on the organising team of a Community Group, Salesforce Saturday, Community Conference, or a Product Champion; or […]

Streamlining your Salesforce Saturday event

Are you frustrated with lift-off on different aspects of your Salesforce community group? Lost on where to begin and end? Let’s jump into Monique’s perspective and organization about running a community group, specifically Salesforce Saturday, with less stress. Many of these tips can also apply to User Groups and Community conferences too.  Blasovia Monique Erinna co-organizes […]

An update #Awkward!

Welcome to potentially the last instalment of YeurLeadin for June 2022(!) Summary: no formal gathering. Read on for the full story or skip to the bottom for “next steps”. We present the rest of the information as this blog is aimed at community leaders, so you can see how this panned out, and take away any insights you […]

Are we hosting an event in June?

In person events are back! Well, for some people. We continue to live in interesting times. With that in mind we’re really happy that YeurDreamin have announced their in-person event on Saturday, 18th June, with tickets going on sale within the next week. But this is about YeurLeadin! We now need to make some decisions on when our event will […]

Covid & User Groups – Counting the Impact

How’s your pandemic going? Judging by my conversations with European Community Group Leaders, not so great; or at least it’s causing a recalibration of priorities. In this piece I’m thinking out loud. Maybe you agree, maybe you disagree; both are fine, this is just my perspective. If you fancy discussing, then why not come along […]

18th November: Autumnal Gathering – reservations now open!

In the Autumn, trees typically start to spread their seeds, which lay dormant on the ground throughout winter and start budding around spring. What’s happening in your neck of the woods? Event: YeurLeadin Autumnal Catch Up Date: Thursday, 18th November Time: 07:00 EST / 12:00 GMT / 13:00 CET / 17:30 IST Location: Online Available on YouTube afterwards: No […]