New Directions (YeurLeadin event update)

It will probably not come as a surprise but, with much regret, our in-person event planned for 23rd and 24th January 2021 will no longer go ahead in its current form. In line with YeurDreamin’s announcement, we will also be refunding all our ticket holders in the next 48 hours.

So what next? Something is brewing as we still feel that there’s a need to connect with and learn from each other, but the date(s) will be different. Nonprofit Dreamin* is now scheduled to be taking place around that time, and many of our team are also involved with helping to organise that. Resources only stretch so far and we want to avoid burnout!

We’ve also got blog content from a number of authors in the pipeline, but we’re happy to accept more. Do you have a session recipe that you want to share, or thoughts you want to explore? We’re always looking to surface current thinking, to help push the conversation along. If it may be helpful to to Community Group & Salesforce Saturday Leaders, Salesforce MVPs, Product Champions or anyone else deeply involved in community activities (e.g. active bloggers and people running unaffiliated groups), then we’re interested!

If you fancy writing something, just drop us a line. We also offer mentoring and proof reading if this is your first time writing a blog-style piece.

In the meantime there’s YeurLeadin Slack and @YeurLeadin – posting hints, tips and tricks. Contributions are also welcome, just tag us in!

Finally, we want to thank the YeurDreamin team for keeping us informed at every stage of their journey, as their went from plans A to B to C and well beyond. We really hope that we’ll be able to see them back in action later in 2021 or ‘22(!)

See you soon(ish),

The YeurLeadin Team

*Sneak peak: Nonprofit Dreamin actually is one of the few things to benefit from Covid. The nonprofit community is very dispersed and an online event gives us the opportunity to come together at low cost (in fact free for attendees). Nonprofit Dreamin is particularly focusing on how to make the event as interactive as possible, including creating spaces for “hallway chats” to happen. Want to know more? Follow Nonprofit Dreamin on twitter (website still very much under construction).