YeurLeadin 2023 – First Details Announced!

In 2019 we got rave reviews. To the question: would you attend another event like this in Europe, were one to be scheduled? This is how we did:

When asked Would you attend another event with a scale of 1 (No) to 5 (Definitely) the average score was 4.66 out of 5

We’re here to share best practice and inspiration for Salesforce Community Leaders. Whether you’re on the organising team of a Community Group, Salesforce Saturday, Community Conference, or a Product Champion; or you’re otherwise deeply involved in the community and paying it forward, the aim is that we can all learn from each other, regardless of your stage on this journey.

We had 73 participants from Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, giving our sessions an average score of 4.29 out of 5, but our main take away was:

37% learned from peers as a new leader; 54% learned from peer as an experienced leader; 37% shared their experiences; 91% networked with fellow leaders; 57% ate lunch; 20% did something else

So, reserve SATURDAY, 17th JUNE 2023 in your diaries and start checking out the things to do in BRUSSELS!

While we’re at it, we happy to start rumours that there may be a YeurDreamWeek. Certainly, we’re not the only Salesforce-related inspirational event in town! Check out YeurDreamin on the 16th June, where you can grab your early bird tickets. YeurArchitectin is likely to be rolling out their Summer edition, and there are rumblings of other events too(!)

But we know you want more. Why? Data, that’s why! Here’s the feedback wordle:

Wordle with the biggest words being More Time

What more could there be?

All adding up to a perfect European Grand Tour!

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Look forward to seeing you in Brussels!

Your YeurLeadin Organisin Team
Justyna, Ines, Paul and Sarah