2019 – Feedback

We really believe in transparency, so we’re publishing our survey results. Fancy doing something like this in your own region, or leading the charge in Europe? Drop us a line for more info. We’re happy to spill the beans!

Total surveys completed: 35 (out of 73 attendees in total; 49 fully on boarded CGLs and 24 others, many of whom were in the onboarding process)

# of questions: 9 (7 multiple choice + 2 open)

1. What is your association with the Community Group programme?

2. Where is your Community Group based?

3. What was your primary objective for attending YeurLeadin?

4. Which of your objectives did you achieve at YeurLeadin?

5. Please provide your session feedback

6. We tried to include networking opportunities alongside the sessions.

7. Would you attend another event like this in Europe, were one to be scheduled?

8. Please take a moment to mention your favourite session/part of the afternoon

Number of times an item was mentioned:

These 3 items were not an actual answer to the question:

  • Not the singing (in the keynote)
  • An afternoon is too long
  • Content wasn’t so valuable (for me, as an experienced CGL)

9. Any additional feedback you would like to share, especially if you have ideas to make any future event even better.


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