90 second request & next YeurLeadin date!

Do you have 90 seconds? (that’s including the time it takes to read this message!)

As a bonus you get to use the new/revamped IdeaExchange.

As Group Leaders (virtual, in personal, informal) we tend to use the #TrailblazerCommunity more than most. But it’s a pain to engage with our audience. How about improving the Messaging functionality?

We’ve put together a group of 5 ideas to help. Can you spend some of the remaining 70 seconds to upvote our Idea?

We’re after:

  • Adding the ability to message members directly from both the Members and Requests page
  • On people’s Trailhead profile page add the ability to message (see screenshot below)
  • In the New Message window, display the person who you most recently messaged first
  • Improve the New Message window for (some) Dyspraxics/random screen clickers
  • Add the ability to filter messages (read v. unread)

p.s. We also take this opportunity to announce that we’ll be back on 18th November at 8am EST/1pm UK/2pm CET/5.30pm IST for our next YeurLeadin session 🎉

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