Be More Pirate (session notes)

“The only certainty is uncertainty, it’s how we respond that matters”

Be More Pirate was our highest turn out this year, so clearly a topic of interest – and not just for us, it turns out that the Salesforce mothership is on board with this ethos too.

Many thanks to Alex Barker (twitter/LinkedIn) for encouraging us to ask uncomfortable questions, for sharing example Pirate Codes, and walking us through case studies – looking at tapping into people’s frustrations to devise a (small) mutiny together!

No recording is available, but some resources follow at the end.

Various uncomfortable questions such as "How can we bring our whole self to work and still have boundaries?"

We were also pleased that our experiment in running our first “proper” session on Nooks seemed to go well.

So, if you want to know more about #BeMorePirate here are some resources:

Finally: SAVE THE DATE! The YeurLeadin Crew will be provisionally back on Thursday, 18th November at 8am ET/1pm UK/2pm CET/5.30pm IST.

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Ines, Paul and Sarah