Streamlining your Salesforce Saturday event

Are you frustrated with lift-off on different aspects of your Salesforce community group? Lost on where to begin and end? Let’s jump into Monique’s perspective and organization about running a community group, specifically Salesforce Saturday, with less stress. Many of these tips can also apply to User Groups and Community conferences too.  Blasovia Monique Erinna co-organizes […]

An update #Awkward!

Welcome to potentially the last instalment of YeurLeadin for June 2022(!) Summary: no formal gathering. Read on for the full story or skip to the bottom for “next steps”. We present the rest of the information as this blog is aimed at community leaders, so you can see how this panned out, and take away any insights you […]

Covid & User Groups – Counting the Impact

How’s your pandemic going? Judging by my conversations with European Community Group Leaders, not so great; or at least it’s causing a recalibration of priorities. In this piece I’m thinking out loud. Maybe you agree, maybe you disagree; both are fine, this is just my perspective. If you fancy discussing, then why not come along […]

Be More Pirate (session notes)

“The only certainty is uncertainty, it’s how we respond that matters” Be More Pirate was our highest turn out this year, so clearly a topic of interest – and not just for us, it turns out that the Salesforce mothership is on board with this ethos too. Many thanks to Alex Barker (twitter/LinkedIn) for encouraging […]

Summer BBQ – the write up & exclusive offer(!)

So, the plan was to spend the time socialising last Thursday. You know, the now-ususal round of going to one person at a time on Zoom, and asking each other how they are. Nice but not exactly dynamic. This is what happened instead: There was some boggieing along to the dance track. Various people were […]

We visited Japan! (video)

In Japan, the Salesforce Community Groups, Salesforce Saturdays and other activities are all co-coordinated to build on from what each other is doing. Shun Kosaka, along with some friends from the Japan community, took us on a whirlwind tour, explaining how the Japanese community get things done and the tooling they use to help them […]

Chasing the MVP Dream

This one’s all about the MVP program, and it’s written primarily for those that aspire to be selected as an MVP for the class of 2021, but I think there’s lessons for everyone chasing their next goal. Be ready for an authentic (honest) journey as Paul Ginsberg walks you through his perspective on this, with […]

VIDEO: We’re Leadin with Happiness

Happiness is more important than ever.   Happiness leads to success. Positive emotions are not just nice to have, they unlock our potential to dream, explore, learn and play; learn how we can bring this to our #TrailblazerCommunity. Join our recording to learn some surprising lessons! n.b. This video misses the first minute of the […]