What ingredients are you cooking with?

Continuing our recent FoodForce theme, when running an event it’s not enough to advertise and hope that enough people come forward. Just like an exciting dish, you need the right flavours, textures and nutrients for it to come out the best!

In this short video (less than 5 minutes) Ines delves into the subject a little bit more directly…

YouTube video with Ines featuring on screen - click to start!

Fusion Cuisine

Like a great fusion recipe, YeurLeadin are proud that, so far, 16 countries – and many more nationalities – will be represented, from New Zealand to Kosovo to Canada, but of course we’re hoping for more. It’s an in person event on Saturday, 17th June in Brussels (the day after YeurDreamin‘) and it promises to be an exciting mind-opening day, suitable for those who are, or nearly are, Community Group Leaders, Salesforce Saturday Organisers, or otherwise similarly engaged in the Trailblazer Community.

Countries highlighted on a world map are: Argentina Belgium Canada Cyprus Czech Republic Germany Ireland Kosovo Netherlands New Zealand Portugal Spain Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States

Let us know if you’re considering coming, but hesitating for whatever reason. We’re really happy to have a conversation and explain a bit more about the day.

p.s. In line with the foodie theme, do you know about FoodForce? It is a community pro bono initiative and all profits go to Action Against Hunger – bridging the gap between our love for food and those who do not have enough to eat.

The front cover of the FoodForce book showing logs of delicious raw fruit and veg

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