YeurLeadin 2023: Unpeeling the Onion

Are you ready for an event that will transform your approach to leading in the Salesforce community? 

Introducing the YeurLeadin Onion!

Then this year you are in for a treat! YeurLeadin ‘23 wants to encourage Salesforce community leaders to reimagine what they (we!) do, so you can make an even greater impact in your community. One of the ways to do that is by consciously creating a space that generates abundance.

An onion, with the centre layer being Our Self, the next layer being Our Team, then Our Group and finally Our Home

So, how do we create such a space? Well, at YeurLeadin ‘23, we’ll be exploring this question by peeling back the layers of the onion about our approach to leadership. Our day will start with introspection at the core, caring for ourselves as leaders so that we can sustainably care for others. After this, we will move outwards looking at how we lead our teams, our groups, and even our world.

By exploring each layer, we’ll gain insights and tools to help us create a more regenerative, sustainable and distributive way of leading. And we’ll do it all in a casual and inclusive environment, with inspiring and hands-on spaces.

Tell me more!

YeurLeadin, happening on 17th June in Brussels, is THE place to be if you want to learn and evolve best community leadership practices, get inspired, and ultimately improve what we do.

The event follows directly after YeurDreamin (also in Brussels -16th June) and London’s Calling (9th June, just an easy train away!) making it the perfect opportunity to extend your trip,get even more out of the experience and perhaps making those extra carbon miles count for something more.

YeurLeadin is organised for and by the community. Our vision is to surface best practice and inspiration for Salesforce Community Leaders. Whether you are a Community Group Leader, an MVP, Product Champion, regular blogger or speaker, Salesforce Saturday Organiser or someone else deeply involved in community activities (e.g. running an unaffiliated group), we have created something special for you.

Same Dreamin spirit, but a different sort of flower!

What you’ll take away

Throughout the day you will experience frameworks, tools and techniques that you can then apply in your own world. This is your bonus ‘swag’!

Don’t just take our word for it. We have regular attendees from 2019 and 2022 from across the world, but still a bit of space for more*. Come and experience YeurLeadin for yourself. We guarantee you’ll leave feeling energized, empowered, and ready to make a positive change in our community. So mark your calendars for 17th June, grab your tickets, and let’s reimagine what we do deeply together!

*⅔ of all tickets have now gone, as of early April 2023.

YeurLeadin shares best practice and inspiration for Salesforce Community Leaders. Whether you’re on the organising team of a Community Group, Salesforce Saturday, Community Conference, or a Product Champion; or you’re otherwise deeply involved in the community, the aim is that we can all learn from each other. Have some epiphanies you wish to share? Let us know!

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