YeurLeadin goes Slack!

Since the dawn of time (well, 2017) there’s been a Slack workspace where certain Community Leaders have come together to discuss all things Ohana. Whether that’s coordinating a Dreamin event, working out the volunteering schedule for a Basecamp, discussing how to use Event in a Box or to ask if anyone is available to do a last-minute stand-in presentation, this Slack workspace has been there for you to get help, reflection and assistance from your peers.

Only it wasn’t realise advertised beyond the Benelux. Currently it’s got around 120 members. Given the impact that Cornavirus is having on our community, this seems a good opportunity to advertise it’s existance, to enable us all to chat in a timely fashion with one another, support each other and exchange ideas.

Introducing YeurLeadin’ Slack.

Are you one of the following?

  • Community Group or Salesforce Saturday Leader
  • Someone running an unaffiliated group
  • Dreamin Event organiser
  • A member of the Salesforce “Champions” program (e.g. Einstein, Lighning, Marketing)
  • Salesforce MVP
  • Anyone else deeply involved in community activities (e.g. active bloggers, keen Golden Hoodies)

…then you’re very welcome to join us (after having read our housekeeping rules at the end).

If you have a or email address, you can simply register and log in straight away by following this link.

or, if you meet the above criteria, or want to check, then Contact Us. Just let us know the category which you match, or give us some relevant information and we’ll add you straight in.

More information about Slack here.

Those Housekeeping Rules (with huge thanks to Meighan Brodkey, who created these rules for OhanaSlack, also worth checking out)

  1. Use channels for your questions, try to stay in a channel to match the topic you want (and suggest new channels too!).
  2. Be polite, no being rude, sexist, genderist, racist, any other -ist or put others down in anyway regarding them or what they need help with.
  3. Be respectful of each other and treat others as you want to be treated.
  4. Use threads to respond to questions and comments to keep things clean.
  5. No spamming, questions can go in couple places but shouldn’t be in every single one of them. Don’t spam people either.
  6. No selling, no job stuff outside of the freelance and careers channels – this is not LinkedIn 2.0. This is not Amazon, this is not the eBay, don’t sell stuff. Partners, we want a safe space – we love you and your products, if we ask about them ok, but don’t market them here. and have fun, this is a space for connecting with Ohana and getting help.
  7. If you see any of the above activity direct message any of the Admin Team or Contact Us. After your 2nd warning you are removed. This space is for Ohana by Ohana, keep the space clean.

And for the curious …

Question 1: There’s other Slacks. Why should I join this one?

This Slack is focuses (mainly) on Salesforce Community Leadership matters. Even then there are different streams for Developers, Admins, Marketers and others. We don’t seek to duplicate, just to offer a space where we can all come together and focus on how to support and developer the best for our community.

Question 2: Aren’t the Communities Team going to provide a tool to help Community Group Leaders communicate with easier other, in an easier fashion?

Yes, they’re looking into it, but running into budgetary constraints (and free Slacks don’t meet Salesforce internal policy requirements). Also there are Community Leaders out there who part of the official Salesforce Program. YeurLeadin’ covers those groups too.

Question 3: There’s definitely a lot of references to YeurDreamin

You’ve caught us. Until 14th March 2020 this Slack space was known as “YeurDreamin”. Today, 15th March, we renamed it to YeurLeadin in honour of what it has grown to be, with a lot of help from the Ohana!