YeurLeadin’ 20: Tickets now available!

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Bigger, more inclusive, and even more interactive. We’re back and going deeper. But what’s it about? Why, in 2019, did we get a 4.66 out of 5 for “Would you attend another event like this in Europe, were one to be scheduled?”

What is YeurLeadin’?

Organised for and by the community, our vision is to share best practice and inspiration for Salesforce Community Leaders. That’s Community Group & Salesforce Saturday Leaders, Salesforce MVPs, Einstein & Lightning Champions and anyone else deeply involved in community activities (e.g. active bloggers and people running unaffiliated groups).

Why is YeurLeadin’?

Objectives achieved at YeurLeadin’ 2019

Do you recognise any of this: do you run your community activity as a side job, always as a volunteer, in addition to your day work. On a good day, your formal training is in IT or business process mapping. Rarely are you given guidance on running events, evaluating presentations and growing your community.

We know we (as a community) have the answers, or at least can assist with these challenges; let’s have some fun at the same time! But that’s not all…

Two Days

This year we’re offering two days. It’s very much up to you (and ticket availability) whether you join us for either of the days or – ideally – both.

Saturday, 20th June: The Technical Stuff. How to run a Group and be a Champion; tips and tricks to share, an inspirational keynote plus a chunk of time for networking with your fellow Leaders. 12:00 to 18:30.

Sunday, 21st June: Sustainable Leadership. It’s not just our communities we need to look after, but ourselves as well. With so much information available and so many opportunities to be involved, hyper-engagement burnout is a real possibility, we’ll be exploring this and other topics. This day runs from 10:00 to 16:00 to enable some to get an evening flight back home.

Ohana Widow? If you have a partner/family coming to Amsterdam, we’ll have a daytime offering for them on the Saturday should they want. More details nearer the time.

Anything else happening? Well, if you confused as to why we picked the 20th & 21st June, perhaps YeurDreamin’?

Your Call To Action

Next steps: Grab your ticket(s)

Tickets are limited, so book them while you can but, please, only after you book your travel and check out the accommodation options! The 20th is free but 21st June has a charge to help us cover the costs. Let us know if this causes an issue as a limited amount of bursaries will be available to cover the ticket price.

Can you help? This event is being put on by volunteers, but catering and venue space still costs money. We’re looking for sponsors, and we have a seriously low one-price-fits-all budget of €295. Either point your friendly sponsor to our Sponsorship page, or drop us a line with their details.

Want more info?

Still not sure? Contact us or have a look at last year’s photos and feedback.