It’s a Final Countdown!

YeurLeadin: YeurChatting, YeurLearnin, YeurPlannin, YeurBrainStormin and YeurHavingFun💖

Ok folks. In just 2 (dau, dos, dhà, due, duo, deux, dva, shnayim, twee, zwei) that’s TWO hours, tickets for YeurLeadin will be on sale!

16:00 CET today (3pm in Ireland, 5pm in South Africa) is the magic number!

Join with loads of Trailblazin’ Community Leaders and exchange ideas with like-minded soulmates, some of which you haven’t even yet met!

Get your tickets here. (refresh the page at 16:00 if necessary)

THEN let other Community Group Leaders know, especially if you know of any that haven’t yet been to a Dreamin event or Dreamforce; wouldn’t this make a great first event? (ok, every Dreamin event is a great first event, but hey there has to be a first time for everyone)

Looking so forward to seeing you!
The YeurLeadin Team

p.s. Has anyone got a spare exclamation button for a laptop keyboard, ours seem to have broken…

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