Summer 2019 – Amsterdam, Your Trailblazer Destination!

Introducing YeurTravelin, the source for all your Amsterdam travel needs!

June 2019 offers the best long weekend for any budding Trailblazers out there! And best bit, it’s far more affordable that certain San Francisco alternatives (we’re working on the rock concert).

Canals and boats in Amsterdam. Photo via Flickr: Sergey Galyonkin.

Canals and boats in Amsterdam. Photo via Flickr: Sergey Galyonkin.

So what’s on? How many events are there? What should you be thinking about?


Friday, 14th June: YeurDreamin’

350 Salesforce enthusiasts, around 30 sessions, your mandatory inspirational keynote speaker, demo jam, special networking activities, food and fun. All in one great location – Het Sieraad! For more info see the YeurDreamin website. Their tickets are already on sale, but going fast!


Saturday morning, 15th June: Saturday Salesforce

The Netherlands has no less than 5 Salesforce Saturday groups (and no more than 5 actually, at time of typing); these are cafes and hotel lobbies where people come together to practice Trailhead, earn badges, eat cake and catch up with one another. If you’ve not been to a Salesforce Saturday before, this is the perfect venue to try it out. We think it tastes so good, you may want to take the concept home with you! And where? Het Sieraad (hang on, is there a theme running here?)


Saturday, 12pm onwards, 15th June: YeurLeadin

Ok, this is the big one! This is what it’s all about (at least for this author). The world’s first Gathering specifically for Salesforce Community Group Leaders. Targeted for EMEA CGLs, we are actually open to anyone with a “” email address (and Student User Group Leaders). We’ve got a concept, a keynote speaker, lunch will be provided and doors at Het Sieraad (oh, there’s that name again) will be open until at least 6pm, so sign up now to guarantee your place as spaces are genuinely limited.


And the Sunday?

Well, I’ll will be lying in bed going “aargh” (there’s only so much amazing socialising I can take), but everyone else can try a cruise on our canals, go on a great pay-what-you-think walking tour, visit the Rijksmuseum, queue for Anne Frank house (actually, don’t do that, book exactly two months in advance to guarantee your entry) or go for a cycle in the world’s most cycle-friendly country. There’s plenty more. The Netherlands is in the heart of Europe, so for those from further afield, you can even jump on a train to Paris or Berlin (or somewhere in between).



Where’s the venues?

Actually, it’s all happening in just one venue which is 20 minutes from the city centre. The address is: Het Sieraad, Postjesweg 1, Amsterdam, 1057 DT. It’s almost like we’ve planned it to be as easy for possible for you.


What’s the dates again?

Friday, 14th and Saturday, 15th June 2019.


How good are your international links?

Schiphol is one of the world’s best a well-connected hub airports, so you will have lots of options. It’s just 30 minutes away from both the venue and Amsterdam city centre. It’s worth mentioning we’re fond of for cheap(er) flight tickets.


So should I stay in the city centre?

We really don’t mind! Amsterdam is a small city and the public transport is very good. If you’re new to the city, Google Maps will get you around. Alternatively there is Uber. Anywhere in the west of Amsterdam is likely to be less than 20 minutes from the venue. Personally, we don’t feel the need to stay next to Centraal (the city centre), or next to the venue. Somewhere in-between might be ideal.

We do recommend booking your accommodation at the same time as you get your YeurDreamin or YeurLeadin tickets though; Amsterdam is a popular destination so choice can get limited. is based in Amsterdam, so we might be biased in recommending it to find your accommodation, or AirBnB is also an option.


Do I need a visa?

Always good to check, but often this isn’t required.


And the weather?

No promises, but a pleasant 20c is typical. As is some rain (not all the time, but some).


Oh, when are the YeurLeadin tickets getting released?

Next week: Thursday, 13th November at 16:00 CET!


Any more questions?

Use the Contact Us form on this website or any other medium you feel suitable.


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