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  • New Directions (YeurLeadin event update)
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    It will probably not come as a surprise but, with much regret, our in-person event planned for 23rd and 24th January 2021 will no longer go ahead in its current form. In line with YeurDreamin’s [more...]
  • I’m quitting… Because the future is awesome!
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    An early Amsterdam User Group meeting from 2017 Last year, I wrote in the guide to setting up your own Salesforce Saturday: “Running a [group] is great, but if you’re unavailable due to a cold [more...]
  • Leading Virtual Groups Inclusively
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    The ethos of Community Groups (and Salesforce Saturdays) remains the same whether we meet in person or virtually. But some of the techniques to facilitate that atmosphere are different when we meet [more...]
  • YeurLeadin’ – bowing to the inevitable
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    Sadly, you won’t be surprised to learn that YeurLeadin’ 20 is being postponed with everyone’s health at the top of our minds, but still with regret. Our new date is Saturday & Sunday, 23rd & [more...]
  • Which webinar/video conferencing tool?
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    Our comparison charts highlight some key differences to help you choose the right tool for your needs during the Coronavirus pandemic, focusing on the affordable end of the market. Features and [more...]
  • YeurLeadin goes Slack!
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    Since the dawn of time (well, 2017) there’s been a Slack workspace where certain Community Leaders have come together to discuss all things Ohana. Whether that’s coordinating a Dreamin [more...]
  • YeurLeadin’ 20: Tickets now available!
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    Just want the tickets? Skip to the end! Need to know more? Read on… Bigger, more inclusive, and even more interactive. We’re back and going deeper. But what’s it about? Why, in [more...]
  • YeurLeadin’ 20: Sustainable Leadership
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    Most Salesforce Community Leaders organise their community programs as a side job, always as a volunteer, in addition to their day work. On a good day, your formal training is in IT or business [more...]
  • YeurLeadin’ 2019 videos!
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    Sign up to our ALL-NEW YEURLEADIN’ MAILING LIST to be kept up to date on our next exciting developments! A little earlier last year (2019), 73 Trailblazers gathered in Amsterdam for a [more...]
  • A Winter Warning!
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    This is a Christmas Fairy tale. As we all know, that means bad things happen which may frighten the reader, but fear not for there will be a happy ending! Let us begin our story of woe, [more...]
  • 2019 – Feedback
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    We really believe in transparency, so we’re publishing our survey results. Fancy doing something like this in your own region, or leading the charge in Europe? Drop us a line for more info. [more...]
  • Diary Planning – Some Tips
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    Does this sound familiar to you? Before every meeting we would discuss diary dates. We would play snap a number of minutes (and sometimes days, if communicating by email), trying to find a date when [more...]
  • Call for Content – now open!
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    Folks, you may be familiar with this one… 🙂 We’ve spoken to the sponsors (thanks Communities Team!), we’ve got the venue arranged (√), we know loads of amazing Community Group Leaders will [more...]
  • It’s a Final Countdown!
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    YeurLeadin: YeurChatting, YeurLearnin, YeurPlannin, YeurBrainStormin and YeurHavingFun💖 Ok folks. In just 2 (dau, dos, dhà, due, duo, deux, dva, shnayim, twee, zwei) that’s TWO hours, [more...]
  • Canals and boats in Amsterdam. Photo via Flickr: Sergey Galyonkin.Summer 2019 – Amsterdam, Your Trailblazer Destination!
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    Introducing YeurTravelin, the source for all your Amsterdam travel needs! June 2019 offers the best long weekend for any budding Trailblazers out there! And best bit, it’s far more affordable [more...]
  • What is YeurLeadin’?
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    What is YeurLeadin’? YeurLeadin’ is the universe’s first event targetted for all EMEA community group leaders. It’s also the universe’s first meeting for EMEA community group leaders by community [more...]